October 20, 2009

New Paths Forged

Just now doing the dishes I had a realization - it is a challenge being brave. I keep realizing that I am 40, single once again, living on my own, running my own consulting practice, working from home, and am somehow making it all work while being strong. Plus, I'm reaching my professional goals with all kinds of new projects and teaching opportunities.

But my life isn't the norm. All around me people are married/coupled, have houses, kids, pets, cars, and jobs. I see these relationships and wonder if those paths should or could have been mine. I have so much freedom but also not many role models. Certainly I am not alone, especially in a major metropolitan area with tons of creative, intelligent and motivated people. Many of my friends have evolved into the same life path. We look to each other for support, connection and family. I am curious to see if we are actually leaders of a trend - a new choice of lifestyle.

The new term Cougar has been mentioned - fierce, older, single women on the prowl. I take offense to this statement. I am certainly not on the prowl, nor am I desperate. Frankly, I've realized that life doesn't have to be filled with compromises; difficult situations can be changed and new paths forged. This isn't easy but it does allow me to live free and strong.