October 3, 2015

Reality Check - I am Living my Dreams

I love making mind-maps.
This morning I had a long talk with myself and I reflected on my life. "What would I want to do differently if I were living my dreams?" I realized - I am being the person I want to be and pursuing the adventures that interest me.
  • Teaching - Yes!
  • Consulting - Yes!
  • Loving - Yes!
  • Adventuring - Yes!
  • Innovating - Yes!
  • Body-Mind-Breath Balance - In the works!
The only challenge is the stress that I put on myself. Everything is all piled on top of everything else. My list of top priorities is, well, everything. So, I need to unravel the layers and take each action in stride. I am the sum of my parts.

October 1, 2015

Launch of The Curiost!

Today begins a new venture - The Curiost - a website for curiost tourists to share daycation travelogs.

Visit our online gathering place and