August 30, 2013

The Awkward Door Dance

At school lately students of all genders and male faculty have been opening the door for me - be it a building, classroom or elevator door - and are letting me walk through first. Today, this turned into an awkward dance as I was walking through many doors with two male colleagues and then we took an elevator together. I kept waiting and they kept waiting and then finally I would step through and say, sheepishly, "thanks".

I recall how there were times in my life when I thought that a door should have been opened for me - by a date or even a not-yet-ex-husband. To myself I thought, as they rudely stepped in front of me, "shouldn't they hold that open and let me go first?" Now here it is and I wonder why the door situation has suddenly opened for me?

Is this because I am becoming a woman of a certain age? You know, 44. Or, is it because I am dressing more stylishly which means that I am wearing impractical shoes so they want to make sure I make it through the door? Do I look more door-opening worthy or needy? Perhaps there is a new trend in chivalry? Maybe at educational institutions people are more traditional? Do they like watching me walk past them? Does it give them a feeling of satisfaction that they were kind or chivalrous?

In all of this I am not getting the sense they are opening the door for me because they see me as incapable. Ironically, I think they see me, at this point in my career, as more capable. But the door opening protocol is actually making me feel confused at the formality. Really, I prefer going through in whatever order I approach the door - perhaps even last.

Thankfully, I ended my day at school on the Culinary floor where one of the chef's keeps me well supplied with sugary snacks. As she stepped out of the room for a minute, she looked back and asked, "will you guard the door? Don't let anyone into the room." I took this assignment very seriously and stood in my best police officer stance to guard the opening. No one got through, then again, no one tried.

August 23, 2013

Oakland Cathedral

On a photo expedition with Rachel. I love discovering amazing places in my own backyard.

August 22, 2013

Love is All You Need

In the documentary film I Am by Tom Shadyac he asks, "What is wrong with the world?" and the answer begins as "I am". But by the end of his exploration he has reversed the question to "What is right with the world?" and the answer is "I am". 

"Food for thought - nothing in nature takes more than what it needs."

Love is all you need.

August 17, 2013

Lover's Leap

On an amazing hike with Brian, Kevin, Nu, and John. We're sleeping outside under the stars next to the American River.

August 16, 2013

London Fashion Luminary Joins Art Institute of California - San Francisco Faculty

A wonderful article about my colleague Michael Rosen in the San Francisco Chronicle.

fashion force is not to be missed, and during the recent student show at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco, something exciting swept through. The student designers displayed intense individuality on the runway with a range of inspiration from "The Great Gatsby" to drag queens. Other students contributed their talents in marketing, graphics, video and the culinary arts, but the show's creative vision came from the school's new visiting professor and show producer, Michael Rosen.

Read the rest of the story here...

August 14, 2013

Crissy Field Boating

Took this photo when I was with Lucy on Sunday. Looks like we are on some kind of Pacific holiday but really this is on the beach of San Francisco. I suppose for some, that is a Pacific holiday.

August 13, 2013

Holding Hands All Day

Day 33 of Forty Days of Dating and at this point I am completely absorbed in Jessie and Tim. This video is a documentary about them holding hands for 8 hours. It was sweet, endearing and for some reason heart breaking. I think that because they are so young, even though they have a ton of relationship baggage, there still seems to be so much possibility for them. It reminded me of being in love - being vulnerable - taking a chance.

August 12, 2013

Where Am I?

My friend Anna, who is coaching me on rekindling my photographer spark, gave me an assignment to photographically convey a dream. This image, titled Where Am I, represents what I dream about most often - mysterious apartments in which I have never lived.
In these dreams I am in an apartment, sometimes alone, sometimes with an ex-lover or a family member, and keep discovering new rooms. There is usually a danger associated with water as a theme to the dream - like a giant wave. This image reminds me of those dreams - where the place is familiar, unfamiliar, safe, and dangerous.

August 3, 2013

My Baseball Crew

Here's the zoo crew of guys I took to the game on Friday night. Jeff (left) brought an '89 World Series ball and managed to got it signed. He has a way of setting a goal and achieving it - when it comes to meeting people and being places.

My "oldest friend" meaning that we've been friends for decades is Hal, wearing the fashionable black cap. He and Jeff talked baseball history all night long. It was a trip to see Hal and Jeff chatting - two worlds colliding.

Louie, on the right, is Jeff's childhood friend and filled the evening with funny wise cracks. His topic of focus was how I had "balked my chance to ask Balfour out on a date". Really? Would that beautiful baseball player, who has women, and probably men, falling at his feet, really want to go on a date with me? What would we talk about? The Balfour Rage

While signing my glove Balfour looked none-too-impressed when I told him it was the glove I used playing baseball when I was a little girl. Louie said I should have showed him my tattoo instead. What tattoo? Louie was living his own baseball fantasy. Or, maybe he wanted Balfour's arm around his shoulder.

August 2, 2013

Me and Balfour!

Lucky me, won a custom jersey and got to attend A's batting practice. Took along Hal, Jeff and Louie.