July 8, 2018

Holga Camera - Roll 1 - June 2018

I've decided to shoot film and purchased a Holga camera from Looking Glass Photo and Camera in Berkeley. Using film and having a limited number of images, that I could not see instantly after taking the photo, was an enriching experience. With digital photography, especially our cell phones, it is so easy to take images that are just data with very little intentionality. Using this funky little plastic camera, that only allowed for 12 shots, encouraged me to look, stop, compose, consider, and click. Some of these turned out well and I love the vignette of the lens and the seemingly random depth of field.

Looking Glass processed and scanned the images. Now to print a couple in the darkroom!

Brooklyn, Oakland Urban Landscape

House Restoration

Elevated Home

Ghost Eyes

Nature and Unatural

Sky Water Crossings

Soft and Hard