February 27, 2013

Good Things on 24th Street in Oakland

Today I had the opportunity to experience sweets and cinema on 24th Street in Oakland, between Broadway and Telegraph. It started with a visit to Sweet Bar Bakery on 24th and Broadway where Chef Owner Mani Niall generously welcomed in my Culinary class and gave the students insights into his ever-evolving career as a chef.

This was followed by a late afternoon visit to the New Parkway Theatre, just down 24th at Telegraph, to see The Master, which I did not enjoy. However, I did love my plush seat in the balcony, the fresh popcorn and the $6 ticket price. Welcome back Parkway!

February 16, 2013

Student Photo Fashion Shoot

Spending your Saturday with students might not rank the highest score on the fun chart - except if they are Fashion Marketing & Management, Fashion Design and Photo majors. We had a wonderful day in the school's new photo studio as the students were the designers, models, photographers, and shoot coordinators.

It was fun to be back in the photo studio, this time as a professor, and witness the students developing their artistic eye and voice. They were all so professional. We gave them control and they proved their ability to work collaboratively, across majors.

Still trying to figure out how to reignite my photo-mojo.

February 14, 2013

February 12, 2013

All The Single Ladies

According to a report posted February 11, 2013 on Trulia Trends, Oakland is the 10th Metro City in America most populated by single women living alone per man living alone. San Jose, which they call Man Jose, is the 5th Metro City in the US with men living alone per single woman. Looks like I need to do some visits to the South Bay. Do you know the way to Man Jose?

February 8, 2013

Alternatives to Surfing the Web Before Bed

Note to self:

Read a book
Write in a journal
Restorative Yoga
Listen to music

February 7, 2013

Can Still Recognize the Scottish Lilt

Walking near San Francisco's Union Square I heard two lovely male voices behind me. I slowed down to confirm that they sounded Scottish and then I started walking in step with the two dapper business men. They noticed me and smiled, as I said, "Are you from Edinburgh?" How American of me. One man said, "how nice, "I am from Perth." And the other said "I am from Glasgow, how did you recognize the Perth accent?" "I was married to a man from Edinburgh, actually Ayreshire."

As we rounded the corner of Macy's at Powell, there stood a piper playing his bagpipes kitty corner to us in Union Square. It was all quite surreal, beautiful and a bit sad for the life I once had. Then I paused and celebrated how much I love the woman I am now and this wonderful life.

February 6, 2013

2x2x2 Test

Watching Glee las night, I discovered a pearl of wisdom, the 2x2x2 Test. Before you do something that you have doubts about be because it does not resonate with you, ask yourself, "how will I feel about this in 2 days, in 2 months and in 2 years?"

After 2 days I might feel excited by the ambiguous feelings - "took a chance!" In 2 months I might say, "what was I thinking? That was not worth the risk." Two years from now I could easily hear myself saying, "I regret my choice, I have more self-worth than that."