February 25, 2014

Once an Intern Always an Intern?

Had the pleasure to enjoy breakfast and tour my school with my former London intern David. I love that we can catch up on life and our various adventures. He's inspired me to keep on blogging.

Poor David - I introduced him as my former intern - even though that was at least six years ago and he is quite established in his career. But I mean it in the kindest sense - we shared an international experience together - two Americans making our way in a UK workforce. It was truely an adventure and we schooled-it together.

Homemade Spanakopita

The joys of living with a chef - my favorite foods are lovingly prepared.

February 14, 2014

Locksmith Love Song

When I asked Siri to find a locksmith, here is what she heard and responded.

Seems like she's not tuned into Valentine's Day.

February 7, 2014

Marzipan de la Rosa

Found my favorite Mexican candy in The Mission. A box of 30 for $4.

February 6, 2014

Dealing with Contractors is Like Bad Dating

While preparing my condo for rental I decided to use contractors for repairs, painting and cleaning. In the initial phases of communication they were responsive. In performing their work they were competant. When I handed them the checks they were pleasant, even if their palms were sweaty. But when I asked for invoices and receipts they were elusive and then unresponsive. So much like dating - you put out or payout and then there's no reason for them to return your call.

February 2, 2014

Teaching Restorative Yoga

My first class at Anasa Yoga on MacArthur at 35th in Oakland. I'll be here every Sunday from 5-6:30pm.

February 1, 2014

Now I Get It - Lunar New Year

For the past two days, January 30 & 31, I have been doing "all things outer space" and wondered what was driving me to the great beyond. Coincidence that it is the Lunar New Year? I kicked off the year by watching WALL-E the inspiring Pixar film that asks us to wonder - are we going to pollute this planet until we have to live on an outer space cruise ship?

Then, last night Brian and I headed up to Chabot Space & Science Center where we looked at Jupiter, Orion's sword and a supernova through giant telescopes. This was followed by a spontaneous viewing of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon illustrated by Laserium which was a combination of real outer-space footage and beautiful lasers. Even though Brian and I were probably the only sober ones in the room, it still felt like some kind of acid trip. Plus, there was a person celebrating their birthday and dressed in a horse head. Now I get it - Year of the Horse!