March 23, 2016

#Joinme @theatrebayarea 2016 Annual Conference to Start Planning with @C2Arts

ON Monday, March 28 I will be offering 1:2:1 Speed Coaching and session discussion on Succession Planning - Starting the Conversation.

Succession Planning - Starting the Conversation

Facilitated by  Amy Kweskin
When a founder, long-term administrator or board member is considering their next life or career step, or the topic is being discussed without them, succession planning is a complex topic. Can the organization continue? Can a successor be found? Is there a strong enough vision for the future? Can money be raised? How will audiences respond? What does it mean to let go? In this session we will take a compassionate approach to starting the succession planning conversation. 

Lunch Break 1:2:1 Speed Coaching
Featuring Yesenia Sanchez, John Alecca and Amy Kweskin
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