April 25, 2014

Practiced Partnership

Partnership is something that is practiced. Does it come naturally? Maybe more easily for some people. Watching Olympian Meryl Davis and Professional Dancer Maksim Chmerkovsky practicing and performing their Tango on this week's Dancing with the Stars is a lesson in partnership. Yes, there is chemistry between these two athlete artists. But it is more than a romantic sensual chemistry - it is the language of partnership that is ignited.

Watching them I realized that pairs skaters/dancers are intelligent in partnership. They learn to read each other's bodies, minds and emotions. They know how to initiate, receive and respond to an action or movement. They also are experts at being equal.

When watching Meryl's skate with her Olympic partner Charlie White that same chemistry exists.

US Figure Skating Championships

April 8, 2014

Dhalia and The End of Fashion

While I am grading Fashion Marketing & Management papers my cat sits in The End of Fashion book by Teri Agins. Does my car know something?

April 3, 2014

12 Years Old Again

Finally made it back to Connecticut after two years away. Connected tonight with Lori, my best friend from childhood. We visited our alma mater and I was so inspired by the positive environment. Frankly, Lori and I still look 12!

As I walked through the halls I kept saying, "this place is so happy" and all I could think was - "I wish I could go back and be a student now." We were a group of 12 or so close friends who had been together for 9 years when graduated in 1983. I loved them all like brothers and sisters but the school didn't seemed like the loving environment it is now.