September 23, 2017

Learning to do things in a different way

Two character strengths that significantly contribute to my well-being are Creativity and Love of Learning. These interconnect in my career as a teacher of two seemingly disconnected subjects: the business of art and restorative yoga. The VIA Institute of Character Classification of Strengths motto for Creativity is to “do things in a different way” and the motto of Love of Learning is to “learn something from every situation.” These statements describe the deep engagement I feel in the flow of teaching both yoga and business.

Although I recognize that both yoga and business are the foundation for deeper meaning in my life, the combination is not easy to explain to potential clients or to my supportive family. 

This dichotomy causes self-doubt and frustration that turn into negative thinking. To resolve this tension I contracted a business development specialist to help me identify how to interconnect these two areas of teaching into one easily understood whole. After several missed deadlines for delivering her proposal, the consultant admitted that she could not identify any correlation between yoga and business. 

I felt stumped. Was there really no connection? Surely, my desire to do things in a different way had a greater purpose.

What I now realize is that a search for meaning and a sense of achievement in my life-work is not something I can farm out to a consultant. As a creative person I thrive on doing things a different way based on what I learn from every situation. Focusing on the positive relationships I have with my students and clients, I see the connection: Business and Bodies are both studies of systems that can be explored, understood and improved for improved health. 

My lifework is to guide people in articulating their vision, exploring the current reality in relation to their goal and developing options and solutions to pursue their intentions. Ultimately, finding this connection has been an opportunity for me to go deep into my belief system and affirm my unique way of creating and learning. I love learning to do things differently. 

September 9, 2017

Truth and Trust

Listening to National Public Radio this morning on the way home from yoga, their seasonal fund drive was on the air. The host said

Yes, that resonates with me.

But where?
Spiritual gatherings
Social Media channels

...actually, in ourselves is the place to start. We need to be, first and foremost our own source of truth and place of trust.