December 30, 2023

Goal Achieved: Doctor of Business Administration ~ 2024 The Year of Circle Synthesis

Looking back on 2022 I am reminded of the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of a 1-year running streak. In 2023 I have kept the running streak going. PLUS, I earned my Doctor of Business Administration from Golden Gate University, which was equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest over 6 years. Reaching the mountain peak was a long and lonely journey but I had the support of my Arts Management mentor, Dr. Anne W. Smith, as my Dissertation Committee Chair.

Here Anne is granting my Doctor of Business Administration degree at MetLife Stadium in San Francisco. Same stadium in which the Hearts of San Francisco project culminated in 2014. All paths in my life are Heart-centered. 

2024 is the Year of Circle Synthesis. A Circle is a complete ring and Synthesis is to place together and combine. My intention is to generate brilliance ~ the intense brightness of light ~ by integrating all the work I have been doing in my career and various practices. The key strategic themes will be steady balance, calm compassion, self-kindness, and core strength. This Circle Synthesis is a process and a product, both of which are yet to be determined. 

Dahlia cat is pictured below sitting on my 8-sided graduation tam. I notice in these two images that Anne's hands are a circle around me and Dahlia cat is sitting in the tam's center. These images symbolize the integration of body, heart and mind. Eight is my favorite number because it is the fluid and flowing infinity symbol ~ a never-ending circle of synthesis.