April 19, 2020

Learning, Growing, Innovating

Since moving into sheltering-in-place I have been struggling. Not with loneliness - I do not feel alone. It is that I am constantly slogging through mud to get all my work done. This week, a month into this life, the pressure has hit a boiling point and I began to feel like I was going to crack. But then early this morning I realized - I am constantly learning, growing and innovating - and that takes energy. When I say constantly, I mean every waking hour. Almost nothing is how it was before and still I am pushing to be at the same production levels.

Taking "inventory" of my life, I realize now that the only thing that is the same for me are my belongings. But not much else. I recently moved out of a long-term relationship, I am in a doctoral studies program taking courses on topics that are not familiar to me. I have numerous clients that need my guidance in their innovations. Courses I teach are about business innovation and self-reflection. The exercise I practice is different from before. Even my home is new to me. Plus, I'm cooking new foods. How about my cat - we too have a new relationship as I let her sleep on the bed with me - whereas before she was not allowed in the bedroom because of allergies. So, finding new ways to breath as well.

With all that said, I have always craved learning, growing and innovating. What's different now? The external environment has changed. As I continue to be mindful and bodyful in this new life situation my intention is to recognize these challenges. Instead of complaining, how about acknowledging that this is a different life and nobody has a roadmap.