December 31, 2020

2021 The Year of Mindful Reset

waterside menagerie
Waterside Menagerie at American River Parkway
At the conclusion of each year I set an intention for the next. My 2021 intention is an alliteration: 

Calm, Kind, Courage, Confident

I embody these words as touch points in a physical, emotional, and spiritual practice. 

Calm - opening the respiratory diaphragm by releasing any tension in my lungs and belly, for a full breath and deep respiration.

Kindness - noticing the wrapping of my ribs and muscles around my torso for a constant self-hug supporting me from inside and out.

Courage - finding the connection between my left shoulder and right hip, right shoulder and left hip, crossing through my sternum for an open heart center and energy shield. 

Confidence - linking my full spine, starting by sensing the drop of my tail bone - coccyx to the sacrum, as I lengthen my spine from its bottom point up through the lumbar, thoracic and cervical sections of the spine, to the occiput at the base of my skull for interconnection from ground to sky.

This is a mindful reset I will use when meditating, moving in my practice and throughout the day.