June 27, 2014

Hearst Castle Views

My fourth visit and now the Park Service allows you to wander the grounds on your own between tours. I certainly felt like a guest of Mr. Hearst.

June 24, 2014

Graduated from Yoga Room ASP

Five hundred hours of yoga study over three years and this past weekend I graduated from the Yoga Room, Berkeley's Advanced Studies Program for teacher training. Here I am receiving my certificate of completion from Nancy Leigh-Smith, my yoga mentor.

I've been teaching a Sunday night restorative yoga at Anasa Yoga Oakland since February. In September I begin teaching a Monday night restorative class at the Yoga Room. My practice is inspired by and dedicated to my grammie who was a yoga teacher with a focus on gentle and restorative until she passed at the age of 94.

June 14, 2014

StyleNOW Fashion Show

The producer's view - Mikel Rosen - #aicasf #stylenow #creativityforlife

June 11, 2014

Less is Less

I have been quiet lately because the past couple of weeks I have been making less rather than more work for myself. It is my habit to overload with too many commitments - often volunteering. Although giving of time and money is a value that I have practiced for most of my life, and more so now that I have a sustainable income, I find that it drains me from pursuing my own adventures.

There are less responsibilities on my plate these days, allowing me to focus on a few paths instead of scrambling to run down every road.