January 25, 2011

Honey Tastes Like Grammie

Have you ever tasted a food and were instantly reminded of a person? Honey always reminds me of my Grammie, who turned 94 earlier this month. When we were little Grammie would make us hot cereal with loads of milk and honey. Now, when I taste honey, I am instantly transported back to Grammie's kitchen with all of its fantastic counters and cabinets filled with delicious foods. She would let us sit on the counter while she cooked and when a cabinet door over our heads needed to be opened, she would reach over us and say, "watch your kippa" which I think means head in Yiddish.

I am still sick with a sore throat and have lost my voice. To sooth the ache of coughing I purchased some honey. The first lick of that glowing, golden, smooth, magic alixer instantly made me feel better because it was a little love from Grammie.