July 29, 2014

Do Everything 10% Slower

That was our homework assignment in the Restorative Teacher Training with Vickie Russell Bell. You know what I noticed? That I was holding tension in anticipation of what might or might not happen throughout my day. Slowing down is a good practice for being present and breaking habits of stress.

July 25, 2014

Reflecting on Daily Inspirations

As a teacher I am continuously around people with inspiring ideas and outlooks. Creating a classroom environment in which ideas can flourish has taken me five years to develop. As the leader and facilitator I have to create space for fearless exploration and trust. I too have to be open to ideas - realizing that the space we create is to benefit students first and foremost. However, I too benefit. So, I am making a practice of recognizing moments in my day when I feel inspired. Yesterday had lots of them:

- Hearing my Business Ownership students' concepts and their hesitation turn to excitement as they shared their ideas with me. I told them that I will never say no to an idea - unless the business concept hurts someone. I love to riff with them and give them more ideas. However, I let them know that they do not have to pursue any of my suggestions because they are just that - suggestions. The business idea is the their's and they have to feel the fire in their belly and urgency to make it happen.

- Watching the film My Architect by Nathaniel Kahn through which he explores the life and love of his decreased father that he barely knew. The film has moments of painful honesty as people close to the architect learn that Nathaniel is an illegitimate son that they has never known about or were sworn to keep a secret. Nathaniel's brave exploration of his father's life and work made me realize that life is filled with choices - moments when a turn in the road can result in impacting so any lives.

July 23, 2014

Why Are You Here?

My yoga teacher Vickie Russell Bell has a practice if reading us a poem at the end of her classes. Yesterday's offering had a line that has been turning in my mind.

"When a friend asks you to get-together, ask why."

This made me think about being present, honest and defining your intentionality.

In my Monday Executive Leadership course I had my students share their 15-Year Leadership Vision, Values and Mission - an exercise in asking and answering "Why".

I woke up in the middle of the night asking myself, "why am I here?" It was an important question that I had never framed in that way for myself. I felt it was empowering to explore my answer and reasoning.

Today in my Culinary Management class my students will be sharing their teams' business concept Vision, Values and Mission. I realize that I also need to have them express their own as well.

July 19, 2014

Camping in Santa Cruz

Out in the backyard - awakened by sounds of farm animals. The neighbor's donkey and horse were having a chat with the chickens.

July 7, 2014

Misty Ship and Drawbridge

Drawbridge with cargo ship and tugboat at sunset with fog on the water in Portsmouth Harbour.