May 29, 2015

Creative Mind Word Cloud

This past weekend my parents visited and we chatted about my desire to keep learning and then how I getting overloaded. My mom said, "You have a curious mind. You like to learn so that you can expand your possibilities." Wow, what a great insight. I put together a word cloud to explore what I LOVE to do - because I am always looking at possible business ventures. Here's the word cloud that emerged. At first I was surprised that AND was in the middle and then I thought, "that's what I am about, possibilities." Improv is about saying "yes, and" which is pretty much how I see the world - filled with

May 6, 2015

Dhalia's Nike Box

Put out a box and Dhalia makes it her newest hangout.

Daily Dose of Dhalia

My cat is sweet and silly. I've decided to capture and share her habits. Where is she today?

May 2, 2015

Tiny Kitten Cam

A teaching colleague of mine showed me where you can watch, live, kittens sleeping and nursing with their mom. I have to say that there is something fascinating and soothing about watching the cats.  Hopefully, watching this does not make me into a cat lady. Brian thinks this is the first step to cat-ladyhood.