December 20, 2019

2020 The Year of Speaking Truths

Since 2009 each December I identify a theme for the coming 12-months. The theme for 2020 is The Year of Speaking Truths. Too often I avoided speaking the truth for fear of the other person's reaction. My accommodating behavior is an effort to avoid conflict. 

As a professor and consultant this meant that I was not sharing all that is possible with my students. In my personal life this meant being abused by people who consumed my good nature - by pushing me down. It is my nature to help others. Some people perceive kindness as weakness. So now I will be kind and truthful. I am thriving because I choose peaceful approaches to speaking truths - there is enough hurt in the world. 

I have filled this past year with meditation and mindfulness. I have learned to observe the behaviors, emotions and reactions that arise in me and in others during conflict. Finding this pathway is a practice and I have deep gratitude for this continuous learning. 

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