December 30, 2016

The Year of Shining from Within

Since 2009 each year in December I set an intention for the coming year. Throughout the 12 months I reflect on the intention and notice my evolution. This is a tradition that keeps me centered and focused throughout the year and it is a way of framing my choices and solutions to challenges.

2009 The Year of Amy
2010 The Year of Living My Dreams
2011 The Year of Balance
2012 The Year of Being Present
2013 The Year of Connection
2014 The Year of Clarity, Calm and Confidence 
2015 Year of Creative Expression
2016 Year of Integrating Parts
2017 is the Year of Shining from Within. The image I have is of a light shining out into the world from my heart and throat chakras. MindBodyGreen describes these two chakras:

 Heart Chakra — Our ability to love.
  • Location: Center of chest just above the heart.
  • Emotional issues: Love, joy and inner peace.
  • What affects our Heart Chakra: Love, joy, inner peace
  • Color: Green 
  • More on Heart Chakra healing
Throat Chakra — Our ability to communicate.
  • Location: Throat.
  • Emotional issues: Communication, self-expression of feelings and the truth.
  • What affects our Throat Chakra: Communication, self-expression of feelings, speaking the truth, holding secrets
  • Color: Blue
  •  More on Throat Chakra healing
My intention is to be intrinsically motivated with energy, light, and warmth emanating from within. Combining these two chakras I will speak truths with the purpose of honesty and respect for myself and others. This will require that I am vulnerable and sensitive while being strong and kind. In my yoga practice this translates into backbends and chest openers.