October 24, 2009

Unraveling the Muscle

For the past couple of months I've had a difficult time being inspired to do yoga. Yes, I go to my favorite Saturday morning class at Alameda Yoga Station with Nancy but my heart hasn't been 100% into it like before. Then today I had a realization during class - yoga is about unraveling the muscles that we tense all day long.

Because I've been practicing yoga less frequently I could tell that my posture has been getting a little less vertical and a little more scrunched. Today I focused on extending and expanding muscles from their center points to the tips of my fingers, toes and head. Suddenly I was longer, taller and stronger. Perhaps some of this scrunching has to do with the bike injuries I sustained this summer. I've been avoiding my knees and today I gently regained confidence in them.

Further into today's practice I recognized that your mind is also holding on to tension and gets all scrunched up as well. So I allowed my brain to let go - release. Nancy said, "in each pose, pay attention to what needs to be working and what should be relaxing or off-duty." I'm carrying that premise into my day.