October 11, 2009

Photos from October

I can't believe that we're 10 days into October. Here are some images I've taken this month.

Coffee with Alison in The Mission - she's smiling now but was soon to find out she got a $53 parking ticket.

Lake Merritt at Sunset when I went walking with Hisun and Pat for the Koren Harvest Moon celebration.

Sashimi with Megan and then homemade donuts with vanilla ice cream - food porn as my friend Leigh would say.

Me after getting my hair colored and cut.

A view of the sky while having lunch with Kal at Barney's Burgers. I had chili fries with cheese and he had the world's greasiest fried vegetables.

A beautifully painted front porch of a house I passed on my morning walk in Piedmont.

Potato Puffs (deep fried mashed potatoes) with Hal at Gregoire's. We had a fantastic free meal because Hal found the paycheck of one of the employees while walking from MacArthur BART to my place. Nice guy's get to eat well. Me and Hal.

My cousin Diana with her girlfriend Lauren getting cozy on my papason chair.

Mountain View Cemetery has a free Halloween Pumpkin Festival - how's that for unexpected? This cemetery is a ten minute walk from my place and it is the exercise, dog-walking, kid biking destination with the best views of the Bay.

More decorating at my place - now I have a heart rug, matching chairs and lots of art on the walls.