October 13, 2009

NorCal Softie

It has only taken 16 months to turn me back into a Northern California Softie. The rain hit today and it is as though we are having a snowstorm for which we are unprepared.

My wimpy umbrella turned inside-out as soon as I stepped out the door. Why is it that once they do that they can't stop, as though they have learned a new trick?

Of course I dropped off my waterproof boots to get new zippers, yesterday. Instead I'm wearing my super sexy high heel black boots that look waterproof but are now hosting puddles in which my socks and feet are marinating.

My lovely raincoat, on which I sprayed waterproofing, is drenched and Now so is my wool sweater. Trying to outsmart the rain I am wearing my short pants which are also now soaked.

But you know what? I'm smiling today because I enjoy unusual, funny experiences that make us behave differently. I love jumping around the puddles and swirling my broken umbrella. After all, it is only water.