September 18, 2008

Women Rock

I had a huge realization last night. Women rock my world. Guys rock too but it is my women friends who have been anchors during this tempestuous time of my life. My women friends and relatives have picked me up, brushed me off and re-fueled my engine.

It hit home when I was in DC last week for my brother's wedding. My cousin Liz, who I hadn't seen in 5 years (so unacceptable and my doing) told me that I could do anything I want. She's pursuing a PhD, which I've flirted with for a few years now. She said Amy, go for it. Liz is making it happen as a single mom and here I am with basically zero responsibilities hemming and hawing.

My girlfriends are inspirations. Not to sound sexist but they are strong with and without men. Gosh, I am free to live my dreams too.

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