December 8, 2013

GROWS Coaching Tool

For years I have used the GROW coaching tool and this morning I woke up with an advancement by adding an "S" to the end making it GROWS. The S is for success - the indicators that your goal has been met and the impact of reaching your goal.

·      What is your intention for continuing or completing your 10 Week Practice?
·      What is your current reality in relation to your goal?
·      What are your strengths?
·      Where do you need support?      
·      To move from your current reality to your goal, how can you build on your strengths?
·      How you can get support?
·      (Coach: ask your client to think of 3-5 more ideas beyond the obvious.)     
·      What will be your steps to move towards your goal?
·      Do you have the “will” to take these steps?
·      When exactly will you take these steps?
·      (Coach: Write down specific dates/times that your client can put into their calendar)     
·      How will you know that you have reached your goal?
·      What will be the success indicators?
·      What will “reaching your goal” allow you to do? 

I will be using this tool with my students on Monday when we discuss the next steps in their 10-week personal practice.