December 31, 2013

Setting an Intention for 2014

In this final 10 week personal practice post I will conclude 2013 as The Year of Connection and contemplate 2014 as The Year of Confidence Calm and Clarity.

2013: I became aware that I was somewhat disconnected from myself in that I had many distractions and noise in my life. I eliminated many of those distractions and streamlined my focus in making a clearer connection to my yoga practice. This year I also made room for more alone time. Adopting Dhalia the cat was a big step towards connection in sharing my space with her but also recognizing that I needed my own room as well. 

2014: I feel that the next step in my personal development is to build self confidence. I have so much to offer but often defer to others or undermine myself by giggling in nervousness when I really want to be clear and calm.

2013: Yoga has been a source of self-regulation in being more connected to what is happening in the moment and having less anxiety by creating fictional stories in my head. Also seeing increments and pieces that make up the whole to recognize many types of evolution in myself and others.

2014: Steps towards confidence come with contemplation, slowing down, breathing, listening, hearing, and then moving and deepening. I really want to feel that I can stop my nervous laughter and instead demonstrate clarity of ideas and actions - not being swayed into giggles out of fear.

2013: I was disconnected from myself in that I was motivated to find something external with which to connect. I nurtured intrinsic motivation.

2014: I have so much intelligence, beauty, strength and ideas - and my motivation is to respect myself and my ability to motivate and lead. 

Creating these annual themes is a practice of personal empathy.

Social Skill
2013: I felt an easier connection with others this year because I was more loving of myself.
2014: Now to believe in sharing my abilities, to have confidence through clarity and calmness: that will improve my capabilities as a friend and teacher.