December 2, 2013

Personal Practice Week 8 of 10: Post-Thanksgiving Yoga Intensive

On "Black Friday" when so many Americans and many of my students were out shopping, I decided to take the day to practice yoga. I participated in a four-hour intensive at The Yoga Room in Berkeley under the guidance of Mary Lou Weprin.
I realized that a day of shopping or even being on the road would cause me stress. So, instead I committed to a day of yoga.

As soon as I walked into the yoga studio I felt centered, grounded and relaxed. However, I had some advance anxiety about participating in this intensive and the voice in my head said:  Who would be there? What if I can't do the poses? What if I get tired? What if my shoulder and hamstring injuries flare up?

I was motivated to find some flexibility and personal time amongst the go-go-go of the long weekend.

During the intensive I practiced a half handstand and Mary Lou reminded me that I have a shoulder injury and to take it easy. I sometimes push myself too hard and think that I can get past the injury. In fact, it made my shoulder sore. I needed to practice some more self-empathy.

Social Skill
I am a very private person and in the yoga studio, I like to keep to myself when in a big class. We worked in groups of two and threes at some points and it was a real effort for me to find a partner or trio. Part of this was because I had so much garlic at Thanksgiving that I was aware of my garlic breath. It may seem silly but throughout the entire four hours I kept eating Altoids.