September 8, 2008


That's how I feel today - sparky! My pilot light is finally getting ignited. It is the cumulative impact of spending quality time with "old" friends.

Over lunch today with my friend Michael I felt a change. He was reflecting on the work I use to do with Business Arts Council running Business Volunteers for the Arts. It was extraordinary to hear how his volunteer project changed his life. It was my tipping point. For the past several months the love has been coming my way and then reconnecting with Michael pushed me into the zone. I would call it the Amy Getting Her Groove Back Zone.

After lunch I immediately emailed all the Alumni Business Volunteers for the Arts that I could find in my address book and proposed a reunion. Instead of running away from the arts and saying what I'm not doing I now realize I should embrace the arts as my area of expertise while continuing to expand my skills and scope of work.

This has been a big day of revelations. Good thing I had an ice cream sundae for dinner to keep me energized.

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