January 10, 2021

Gratitude: Good Professors

Yes, I am a professor, but I am also a student. Class started for me today at Golden Gate University in the Doctor of Business Administration Program. This is year two and I probably have another four years to go, which can be daunting when I think about it. However, I am in for the journey, the learning pathway and not rushing to earn the degree. 

My first class assignment was to write a bit about why I am pursuing this degree. Seems so obvious but I had lost track of my motivation. The discussion forum post gave me the opportunity to sit down and reflect. It took me three hours and the time passed in what felt like 30 minutes. This was a chance to consider "the story of me" the why, what, how, where, when, and who of this journey. Here's the first two paragraphs of what I wrote:

I feel refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated after this afternoon's writing. Grateful to my professor for asking an obvious question that resulted in a moment to pause and reflect.