October 27, 2013

Personal Practice Post 3 of 10

This week, how did you practice the following Emotional Intelligence competencies in relation to teaching, yoga, relationships, and consumption of resources?

This weekend in particular I had a difficult time with self-awareness. It began on Friday when I was out with a couple of friends and felt like I was not part of the conversation and was actually being ignored. This made me feel invisible. Although they had invited me to go out with them, I think that they needed the time to hang out together and not with me. I should have connected later with one of them and not with both.

In this situation I became sad and confused. Were my feelings valid? Was I misreading the situation?

Because of my feelings I became demotivated and wanted to check out. It was difficult to be happy sitting there with my friends because they seemed not to hear what I was saying and there was little eye contact.

The only empathy I had was for myself. I suppose that my recognition that they probably needed catch-up time without me demonstrates empathy. However, I did not act on it by leaving, which would have been passive aggressive in my summation.
Social Skill
Although I hung in there and kept socializing with them, the situation did not feel good. I am not sure how to handle it in the future. I talked to one of my friends about it and he said I should have asked to speak to him alone and said how I was feeling. This is difficult for me because I do not like confrontation. In fact, I couldn't even figure out my feelings as it was happening. I wish I was quicker at recognizing how I feel.