October 13, 2013

Personal Practice Post 1 of 10

This week, how did you practice the following Emotional Intelligence competencies in relation to teaching, yoga, relationships, and consumption of resources?

This weekend I was told that I can be hyper and have too much energy. This is especially the case when I have caffeine, which I usually avoid. In the hyper moment it is difficult for me to calm down. To deal with the situation this weekend I practiced deep breathing as I was walked and talked with my friend. I tried to be present with what he was saying and be aware of where my energy was pouring out of my body. I felt like the energy was sprouting uncontrollably from every pore.  It was very difficult to calm down. Really what I need to do is avoid caffeine and also to practice more breathing exercises throughout the day.

When my friend told me that I can be hyper I felt sad that I wasn't the "ideal person". But who is perfect? I tried to let go of the comment and instead see the intention behind him giving me this information. Clearly my hyperness impacts other people and he was letting me know. Feedback is a point of information that is an opportunity for me to correct my path.

This week I wrote two papers on motivation for a course that I am taking. What I learned about myself is that I am motivated by affiliation and am willing to say "yes" to do something if it means that I can spend time with people and feel recognized and appreciated. However, I also have a tendency to say yes too much and then I feel over-extended and then frustrated. So, I made a list of questions I can ask myself prior to saying yes.

Because of the looming BART strike I have had many students and colleagues say that they felt anxiety this week. I would say the emotions are related to the stress of not knowing if we have to get up at 5am to deal with the mystery of a BART-less commute. As I listened to the concerns of friends, colleagues and students I empathized with them. I also talked about these feelings at the start of class - so that students could express their concerns. It was an opportunity for connection. 

Social Skill
Over the weekend I went to a party where there were was only one person that I knew. At first I felt like a puppy following around my friend. What I realized was that I like to find a place to sit and then have a deeper conversation with whomever is around. There were no chairs at this party so I sat on a table near where a few people were socializing. After about 2 minutes I was in a deep conversation with the artist whose work was being shown at the space. She revealed so much to me about her life and her art. What I learned is that I like to feel physically comfortable and then I can connect with others.