March 13, 2009

Reflections on the Year of Amy

Tonight over dinner my friend Hisun said she often thinks about my statement that this is the Year of Amy. Officially that year came to a close on March 8. That was essentially the anniversary of me being out of my marriage for a year. I promised myself that I would take that year to reflect on me, what I want, my values, my friends and family, and my personal development.

I am in a happy place. No challenge is too big. Panic goals are pulled into stretch goals.

Recognizing that the marriage was not working for me was a giant step. Bringing it to a close was so disappointing as it felt like failure. In comparison to these major life choices little things like presenting a training session on the 33rd floor of a London skyscraper was peanuts (although looking at the photo on this blog link does get me a bit woozy). Applying and being accepted into a a Doctoral program was another huge step...which resulted in me being in Statistics which is even more surprising. But I'm doing it.

Now I've hired my friend Simone to help me build my consulting biz plan. She is an amazing coach. In just one session I've gained so much more clarity on what where I've come from and where I'm going. Strategic planning for a strategic planning consultant.

More to the point - I've learned to love and value ME over the past year. As Drew Barrymore says in the Feb/March issue of BUST magazine quoted from Harper's Bazaar, "I've been single for months now, and I've turned my attention toward my passions, my friends, and the causes I believe in. It's about learning who I am, not through a man but for myself." Notice she has set a moving-towards as opposed to moving-away from goal. Digging it Drew.