January 15, 2011

Won't You Smell My Pants?

Earlier this week I purchased a form fitting, flattering pair of Jeans from Old Navy, but they smelled toxic. The store Associate told me the stink would go away when I washed the black jeans. However, it didn't go away and now a bunch of my clothes have the toxic smell.

When I returned the pants to the Alameda Old Navy, just walking into the store I could smell the overall toxicity of the place. The Associate asked me to describe the smell and I said, "why don't you smell them?" He said, "I'm not smelling your pants." Suddenly I felt dirty and angry - they're your stinking pants, not mine. Instead, I just stood calmly and looked at him. He asked me to describe the smell and so I said, "it smells like they've been dipped in chemicals" Fine, was his response and my money was refunded. How could he even possibly smell the toxicity when he's working in a place that is so smelly?