March 4, 2009

Statistics Kicked my Rump

I may have aced the statistics homework and quizes but the midterm chewed me up and spit me out.

I think the problem is a combination of a few factors:
-statistics is hard
-for homework and quizes I could use my book, find the formula - based on the current chapter, and take hours to figure out the answer
-i didn't study enough, but am not sure how much more I could have studied before my brain exploded
-self-doubt around ability to do math
-voice in my head reminding me that if I fail the midterm I am wasting money and also won't be able to continue in the doctoral program

I suppose that this is the reason why not everyone earns a Doctorate. Although it is a bummer because it is the actual Doctoral courses that are related to my ambitions as opposed to this statistics course.

Maybe I can beg the teacher for extra credit assignments. Oh I am very bummed. Perhaps lots of people failed and the grades will be curved...