March 1, 2009

Reflections on UK Trip

Although I still have a final night in London (in a hotel outside of Heathrow, an area called Hounslow) I am going to take some time now to reflect on what worked really well about this trip to the UK. This reminds me of what Martin said to us as we came close tot the end of the first leadership programme session in London, "we still have to keep the egg balanced on the spoon until we finish the race". So, with that said here are my reflections:

-I reached numerous goals including continuing to consult internationally, teaching and presenting, collaborating, and continuously learning.
-I brought together my UK and US colleagues and it worked!
-I presented a programme on the 33rd floor in a room that had floor to ceiling windows and I excelled.
-Simone presented and excelled in her work.
-i travel led with Leah and learned so much about being a good friend and colleague - trusting in building a new friendship.
-I met up with friends a d colleagues and had wonderful conversations about life and work.
-I organized trains, flights, buses and hotels with minimal challenges.
-I reconnected with family and made new memories.
-I meditated regularly (but would have liked to have done more yoga.)
-I navigated London.
-I remained relaxed and patient.
-I blogged a lot!

Thoughts on what I want to "learn" from this experience.

-I have skills that are valuable both in the US and UK.
-I have dear friends in the UK that I want to continue to keep close to my heart.
-I want to keep travelling to the UK and perhaps set up a base of operations here.