March 2, 2009

Famous 207

Well, there was a last hurrah this morning as I prepared to leave for the airport. My hotel shower was so lovely and warm, a rare treat in the UK. Unfortunately it was so warm that it set off the fire alarm. As I was in the shower as it was going off I just hoped for the best and kept on showering.

When I finally emerged from the bathroom the alarm seemed to have reset, so no worries. But that was not the case. As I was checking out the desk manager said, "Ah, room 207, you set off the fire alarm this morning. You forgot to shut the bathroom door when you warmed the shower." Resisting the urge to comment on his comment, I simply smiled and said, "oops, sorry."

hopefully I didn't awaken any of the other guests. The final departing words from the manager were, "have a lovely day famous 207."