March 25, 2009

Blonde Ambition

Here's my new hair look. Took me 100 tries to get this decent self portrait going at this late hour. Went to the salon today and told the beautician - I need blonder hair. Well, she took it to the extreme. So far I've gotten a good response. However, seeing myself in the mirror was shocking.
I'm now seeing hair color as a process of experimentation. You hope for the best but never know what's going to show up. Same with the pricing. Very random. Equate it with ordering a mixed drink at a bar - you hope it tastes the way you like it and flirt a bit with the bartender to get a competitive price.
Took the hair out for a spin this evening to Cafe Trieste to hear cousin Michael Z and the band. Michael said he didn't recognize me when I walked in and that he loves the look. Nicole loves it too and to me that's a true test of taste since she is fashion queen supreme.