January 8, 2009

Squeezing In

The past couple of days I've gotten back into the swing of bike commuting. Yesterday was challenging with the heavy school book but I made it work. Even took the bike on the transbay bus to get home from class. Brave Ike was out in front of the bus on the bike rack.

Today I have toodled all around from a lunch meeting in Civic Center to picking up my City Car Share key then out to the Mission for a strategic planning session (photo from previous post was showing client how to blog in real time), from there down to San Francisco Cameraworks to see my friend Leigh's show opening and now on Muni T Line with Ike all folded up as we head out to Bayview for a girls night out with Nicole and friends. How's that for a run-on sentence? You get the picture.

The big question is how am I going to keep this lifestyle now that I have homework?

City Car Share allows me access to a car when I need it at a very affordable hourly rate. One of the pods is at Fruitvale BART, close to home. Seeing how this helps.