January 5, 2009


This evening I registered for my first course Data Analysis for Managers with a text book that cost me $160...used. I am thinking positive thoughts about math, especially since the book has Excel in the title. I am all about mastering Excel.

After registering and getting my student I'd (with a very decent photo) I attended new domestic student orientation. One of the features I love about GGU is the diversity of the student body. Nearly all the new students seem to be international.

The highlight of the evening was talking to the security guard, Henrick, who I remember from when I was a student in the Arts Administration program. He asked me if I was a student here last semester because my face looked familiar. When I told him that it was ten years ago when we first met he seemed only somewhat surprised. He's been there for 15 years.

Seems that as a student, once again, I have more in common with the faculty and staff. The Assistant Dean remembered me and my friend Leah is a Director for the Center for Student Success.

I first moved to San Francisco to attend GGU back in 93 or 94. Here I am again, back in the Bay Area and at GGU. Feels a bit like Cheers where everybody knows your name.