January 14, 2009

Quiz Fever

I studied statistics for 25 over the past four days and took my first quiz today. It is administered online so you ca immediately see your score. Out of 12 questions I got 11 correct scoring a 91.7. For some reason I am disappointed. Really wanted to score 100%. Shouldn't I be rejoicing for getting this far in my most challenging subject?

As soon as I completed the exam my body started having flu-like symptoms. My carrot cake with room temperature cream cheese icing felt like eating nothing special instead of an award for work well done. Clearly I was holding a lot of tension around the quiz.

Now I have a clue about how to study for this class. Reading every single page and working every example doesn't seem to be necessary. But it was good to get a strong foundation for the rest of the semester.

I have one hour before class starts tonight and I receive my next reading and homework assignment. Altoids please.