January 27, 2009

Finding Quality Time

Being a consultant has its benefits and one in particular is being able to bring school and homework into the mix. I have no idea how people can work full time jobs and take graduate classes. Maybe it is Statistics homework that requires more study time but I put at least two full days a week into getting it done.

The pattern is becoming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is homework with client meetings mixed into the day. Thursday and Friday are more client meetings and actually completing client work. Saturday and Sunday are a mix of client work and stuff I need to get done for myself plus yoga time.

What isn't fitting into the mix very easily are the various lunch and dinner outings with friends. They are just too expensive, both the meal and the public transit investment, but also in terms of time. I need to limit these to one meal get-together a week. Sounds easy but dining is a huge social factor in the San Francisco Bay Area. If I had my own kitchen/apartment I would have folks over for meals. But even that takes up tremendous time. It would be lovely to start a tradition of a rotating dinner night with friends that is hosted at a different house either once a month or every couple of weeks. A time to kick-back, chit chat and create a warm, family environment.

I've joined City Car Share which is came in handy for my cousin Diana's birthday party this past weekend. For $7/hour and .50 a mile I was able to drive to and from her house. Of course I still have to ride my bike to and from the car's pod location, but it was freeing to have four wheels for a majority of the trip. Would a car make this easier? Perhaps city living instead of being in the outskirts? Maybe a place of my own that I could invite people to for dinner? I'm going to wait until after my birthday in March to figure out if I am ready to move.