January 18, 2009

Claiming 40

I usually love my birthday, just ask any of my family and close friends. But for some reason 40 has taken the wind out of my sails. Not sure if it is because I am living quite a different life from what I had expected a year ago. Or, maybe the reality of "aging" is hitting me. I'm sure no one would guess that - am beginning my 4th decade if they looked at me and I certainly don't feel old. It is just a giant landmark in the middle of the road of life.

I've been working on ways to get my birthday mojo back. One is an extravagant trip to the UK with my friend Leah to meet up with our buddy Simone. We'll be presenting a leadership training course together in London, Bristol and Leeds. That makes the birthday a lot more special.

Now to figure out some more adventures. I need this to be a wonderful memory that I can build on, as opposed to something dreaded that I hide from. Living out Loud on the edge of 40.