January 29, 2009

100% Victory!

Do the Rocky victory dance with me as I celebrate getting 100% on my third Statistics exam! This is after trying to figure out some of the questions with the math tutors who gave up and said it was impossible. Go ahead Statistics, make my day. I'll show you impossible!

Seriously, I think I may cry. Could I possibly be getting this stuff?

Last night we had a meeting of Doctor of Business Administration students. We are a funny lot. All a bit "different" which makes sense if you are doing a MBA on steroids. I finally felt like part of a community at the school as opposed to a lone student fumbling through Statistics and knowing that this was only the beginning - I would have to take the Doctoral level Quantitative Analysis course next. However, I am not alone. My fellow students gave me all kinds of Statistics advice and said that it freaked them out too but not to worry, the rest of the program is where you get into the meaty stuff.

My noodle could use some meaty stuff.