September 13, 2008

Connecting with Cousins

Last night I connected with two of my first cousins, Kim and Liz, for the first time in five years. Really, that is far too long. We all look the same as before but now they have kids. Although my cousin Lori wasn't there, her little girl Natalie attended with my Aunt Tina and Uncle Mal. More like she had them in tow. It was amazing to see that she and I have the same round face, blond hair and blue eyes.

We were all together at a giant gathering-of-the-family-and-friends party on the eve of Matt and Rachel's wedding. Funny how kids turn into a pack animals and run like wolves on these occasions. I jumped in and spent some quality time with the gaggle watching young Japanese women compete for the title of Ninja Warrior on some obscure TV channel. As we cheered and jeered I couldn't help thinking that the show was a bit racy for three year olds. The kids got completely riled up and I was covered in wiggly, cuddly, love-biting tots which was both wonderful and, well, a bit overwhelming at the same time.