April 12, 2008

Dreaming of a Farm Home

A foundation of the American Dream use to be a white house with a white picket fence. I've never owned a home and in the I've called home homes are far from affordable (except perhaps Houston). Lately I've had this clear vision of owning a farm. It is becoming clearer all the time. I imagine a little house surrounded by gardens and fields, trees and a pond or stream, maybe some barn cats running around. In my dream it is filled with all my wonderful, favorite things that are now stuck in storage in Houston. They fill the little house. There are lots of windows, a fireplace, a cozy living room and kitchen with a butcher block table. Lots of flowers inside and out. My friends and family would come and stay with me and when I needed to be in a city I would stay with them.

I Google searched on the term "Virginia Farms for Sale" and to my surprise there are many fantastic farms with acreage for sale not more than 90 miles from DC. Some are even historic which very much appeals. Perhaps in a year or two I can be living on a farm like in my dream and staying connected to my consulting practice by the internet. Really, the virtual world allows you to be mobile, limitless, networked. I believe it can be done!

Check out this website with Virginia farms for sale.