April 5, 2008

Free-Spirited Acts #8-14

Now I am accountable to my blog readers as well as my coach to commit 20 free-spirited acts by Sunday evening. It takes a lot of energy to keep this up. I'm sure this is a test of how free-spirited you can be with your free-spirit.

Here are today's:

8. Awakened at the crack of down to be the first on line to get my bike serviced at the first-come-first-served bike shop in our neighborhood.

9. Smiled at the people already waiting outside the shop when I arrived (very not British to smile at strangers).

10. Purged stuff I no longer need in preparation for move back to the States.

11. Set out to find a piece of art that reminded me of the UK when I'm back in the States.

12. Immediately found a piece that spoke directly to my dream of having a cozy farm cottage with a fireplace, books, nicknacks and a cat like Tika.

13. Purchased the artwork "Interior, Manor Farm" by Howard Phipps, wood engraving, 1991 (pictured above) from the Rowley Gallery.

14. Contemplated setting up a bi-coastal, multi-national consulting practice.

I didn't include hosting the weekly yoga class out my flat since I do this every week. But may need to pull that in if I'm having a hard time finishing up the last six tomorrow.