November 1, 2007

Smooshed in the City

Ever have one of those days when you feel like the world is pushing in on you? London is like that every day and today was the final push. People are so used to being close to each other and yet ignoring each other that it is a constant feeling of being alone and too crowded at the same time.
On the tube there was plenty of standing room yet a woman rested her back against my shoulder as I stood near the door. Although it was intimate and even a bit cozy it was strange. Why not get your own space?

Leaving Kings Cross station the authorities had yet again closed the gates so people were able to get out via a tiny space and no one could come in. Of course there was a huge backup of people on street level and we had to push our way out. Then the train came in so another flow of folks. One smashed into me and I got a severe case of pedestrian rage. Bastard! Another was about to smash into me and I stomped my foot, pissed.

But it all was better when they were handing out free Kit Kat samples just a few feet away. I don't eat chocolate but I gleefully took a bar and felt like I had earned a gift. Am I being controlled by the State?