November 29, 2007

Nostalgic for Stamford

My friend Lori sent out an email to her friends listing all the things that she misses about Stamford, CT from yester-year. It spurred a flurry of emaling activity. Since I have many Stamford readers (I can only assume) she has given me permission to share the list. Please add some of your own in the comments section.

Bedford Records
The Horsey rides in front of Sears in Ridgeway.
Gimbels,Card Coop, Party Palace,Caldors, Woolworths, JC Penny
Pants And...and a store called Countdown for fabulous striped shirts, also in the shopping center that's now the Sheraton.
Buying an Album for $6.99 at Record World in the mall.
Bramberts 5&10
Remember the jeep in front of Banana Republic?
When Abercrombie & Fitch was a geeky store
Palmer's grocery store on Hope Street.
Franklyn and Simon clothing store playing with the toys at (where bed and bath used to be on high ridge)
B&G store at the town and country shopping center
B&G (now Planet TV)
Shoe store on Bedford street where you could ride the mini carousel.
Pottery Barn next to Brock's
Art Explosion in the mall (I think they used to have dirty cards in the back)
Andrea's Craft Center on High Ridge (that's where my favorite birthday party was)
Ticket Tron outlet
Putnam Deb. They had a fish tank and a cool area in the back that looked like a space ship!
2 different kids clothing stores - 1 in the Newfield shopping center near Cerbones and the other was on Bedford street (I think), where you earned points with your purchases that could be redeemed for toys
Shoe store in the Friendly shopping center where you could choose either a red or blue Nike swoosh and then when Velcro became an option
Sears in the Ridgeway shopping center
The way Ridgeway used to be with Gimbles, 40 Boutiques and Baskin Robbins
Sols Toys Store, before it became Baby & Toy Superstore
Having Bloomingdales in Stamford

When King and Low Heywood were separate schools and not coed.
When Willard Convalescent Home was Willard elementary school
When Trinity Catholic was called Catholic High.
UCONN Branch on Scofield Town Road
When Rippowam was a high school the 1st and 2nd times
Westhill Halloween parade around the horrible blacktop track
Westhill pep rallies getting canceled due to rumors of rumbles
Riverbank Elementary School in North Stamford (now the Mead School)
The entrance to Westhill from the Southbound side of Long Ridge.
The first Bi-Cultural Day School behind Agudath Shalom
The student parking lot that was in front of Westhill

Cove Beach before landscaping
When Summer Street and Bedford Street became One way roads.
The Korean War memorial on that property was a rotting piece of wood with a few names on it- now much more respecful.
The old train station
Before the Sheraton Hotel on Summer Street there was a shopping center
The "nature center" was better known as The Stamford Museum
Camp Jaycee on Briar Brae Road
The rated X movie theater and the prostitutes that used to hang around
The hotel on summer street kept changing names Hotel Stamford Plaza, the Tara, The Westin
Before the Stamford Town Center.
The old Turn of River library on High Ridge Road, with the little attached house in the back for the kids room / and having to use the card catalog to look things up
Ice skating at Landmark and then eating at The Ground Round
Before there was a traffic light on Vine Road by the entrance to TOR - and you could speed down Vine from Newfield all the way to High ridge
Lord & Taylor parking lot as make-out spot
The horse stable on Newfield Ave. across from King School.
After the skating rink closed- Stamford had a giant Christamas tree in that spot for a few years.
When the cool thing to do was drive laps around the parking loop outside Friendly's. Then, when the cops cracked down- we all moved across the street to Burger King parking lot- not as glamorous.
Hanging out at West Beach after track meets (because there was nowhere else to go except Friendly's & Burger King parking lots)
When Scofield Town Park had a pool set up in the summers- 2 feet deep.
Greenwich Avenue, anyone? all the local normal stores (Marks Bros., Caldor) replaced by upscale chains
When there was a Methodist church right off of exit 33 - it burned down.
All the old Victorian houses on Summer street - before they got knocked down
St. Joseph's hospital
When Motor Vehicles was downtown on Magee Avenue.
Does anyone else remember when Summer street was paved with Cobblestone?
When Brennan Golf Course was called Hubbard Height
Noelle's where Kinkos in now (actually I think where supercuts is)
The first JCC - where the Yeshiva is now
The first JCC on Newfield - a little house by the duck pond
Olin Corps headquaters on Long Ridge Road
When there was ugly oil tanks down past Crabshell restaurant - where the Avalon apartments are now.

The "open door" (sabias)
Mustard's restaurant next to the movie theater at Landmark
The Sitting Room - now Bull's Head Diner
Fried chicken from Redi Rooster, nothing else like it!
Star Confections, which was an old fashioned soda shop across from the Mall, now an Avalon project
Haagen Daas Ice Cream at the entrance to Landmark
Dimitri from the Century Dinner on summer street.
The Japanese hibachi restaurant on Main Street in what was then a "bad" section of town magic shows at burger king
Allens deli on high ridge
When Mario the Baker shared it's building with a tailor and was only 1/2 it's size
Colony pizza
When we had South Pacific chinese on High Ridge (where Kinko's is) Also at one point Hunan Garden and when someone got shot there.
South Pacific had those light fixtures made out of blowfish.
The Farm Shop
Mayflower Deli in the Town & Country Shopping Center (now Sheraton Hotel
Liz Sue bagels was the ONLY bagel shop in town
Country diner (which is now parkway diner) had jukeboxes at very table
The Quarter Deck, then Sunrise Pizza, now Fio's
Friendly's BEFORE it got renovated.
Eating at the lunch counter at Woolworth's on Hope Street
Brock's and the famous salad bar
Remember when Chimney Corners was a restaurant? They had the best popovers!
The restaurant 19 March street
When Baskin Robbins burned down next to Ready Rooster and all I could imagine was the bubblegum ice cream blowing giant bubbles
Ben and Jerry's in the Newfield Shopping Center

The Pink Tent Festival
When Springdale Volunteer Fire Dept used to have a parade down Hope Street.
Stamford Thanksgiving parade pre balloons--and marching in it with the Cloonan band MISC.
"the Moonies"?
Listening for school closings on WSTC when 1400 WSTC AM was a locally owned and operated radio station with its studios on Prospect street ( now it is corporately owned and the studio is is Norwalk)
There were 2 other supermarkets on high ridge besides A&P, shopwell and grand central Ridgeway movie theater
The murder in the Bloomingdales parking lot
The Teen Life Center
When the park on Scofieldtown Road was a dump?
Arnie's Place - arcade in Westport
Old McDonald's Farm - amusement park in Norwalk