November 9, 2007

Me and the British Gas Tech Give it Another Go

I'm admitting here that the British Gas Tech has made yet another date to fix the boiler. Yes, I know I said I was over it all but the customer service guy begged for another go. Supposedly both the Tech and the customer service guy tried to call me all day of the missed appointment but I didn't answer. Supposedly Stephen didn't answer his phone either when they tried calling him. So now they have my email. Yes, the communications are going high tech.

So I'll be home all morning on Tuesday waiting for the Tech to cancel appointment number five. Could this be an Olympic endurance sport? Or is it now a battle of wills?

The added nuance is that the heating pipes are making an extreme rattling noise every fifteen minutes once the heat is turned on. Hardly even notice it now. I was nervous when it happened during our Saturday morning yoga class but everyone must have assumed it was street noise. The only shocker was when the pump feature did its growling during our downward dogs.