November 14, 2007

Getting ahead of headaches

Yet more on my headache state of mind. As you know I've had these horrible headaches for about six years now and for some reason in the past couple of weeks I've actually made some head-way on figuring out the cause.

Here is a record of my research:

1. September - City of London Migraine Clinic thinks that they could be related to my "overly flexible neck", food or hormonal related.

2. October - Reflexologist thinks that I am "holding my anger in my neck and head".

3. November - Physiotherapist Mike doesn't know what to think but says my neck and upper spine are hard as a rock and that my jaw opens to one side

4. November - I read an article in 13 November 2007 New York Times - A Lineman in my Bed: Teeth Grinding about about sleep bruxism

In 1993 I had Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorder TMJ jaw surgery because my jaw was stuck and wouldn't open. Don't worry, I still managed to get food and I wasn't in any pain. But I think that the pulling of the jaw to one side and the clenching of my teeth in my sleep (I wear a bite plate) have combined to cause these headaches. They are further triggered by wine, sugar and caffeine.

I'm now doing some long-ago prescribed jaw exercises to see if I can stretch the joint and get some blood flowing into that area.

This may be too much information for some people but I hope that it helps someone figure out their headaches and shares the mysterious cure - is there one?