September 26, 2007

Gluteus Maximus Holiday

I've been having some leg pain - they've been feeling heavy and tired. To check it out I went to a physiotherapist the other day. He observed my balance and leg movements, and then made the following ass-essment.

Physiotherapist: "You're not using your large gluteus maximus."

Amy: (laughing) Excuse me?

Physiotherapist: "You're not using your large gluteus maximus muscle."

Amy: Oh, you mean muscle - OK - I thought you were saying I'm not using my large rear end."

Physiotherapist: "I'm sure it feels very comfortable to sit on but you're not using it so your calves and hamstrings are overworking. Push against my hand with your foot. See how overly developed you're calves have become?"

Amy: (glowing) "Yes, I am strong, aren't I?"

Physiotherapist: "Except for your large gluteus maximus and gluteus medius."

Amy: "They're on holiday, having a drink."

Physiotherapist: "Yes, they need to pack their bags and get with the program."

Okay, you get the picture. I am now working on awakening my large gluteus maximus with some targeted exercises.