June 8, 2010

Fire Burns Away Brain Fog

For the past six months I've felled like my brain has been in a fog, for a variety or reasons. Every move has been sluggish and it was difficult for me to move forward on my various ventures, except of course teaching which requires me to be at the top of my game. In the past couple of weeks I've made some significant life-changes - letting go of some of the confusion factors - and have broken through the fog, just as San Francisco is breaking through its spring mist.

The break-through moment was yesterday when I was able to complete a proposal for a project that totally lights my fire, but was stuck. The moment of transformation was fueled by a conference call with three colleagues who are arts management coaches/consultants. We had a fantastic conversation about a book on which we are collaborating (details soon). It was like the fog instantly cleared and I was once again inspired to follow my passion.

Later in the day I met with my C2Arts partners and we had another inspirational conversation about how to work together and make an impact in our field. When I learned that one of my seemingly conservative colleagues was a secret, or not so secret Burning Man attendee, I was on fire! I hadn't realize how much I wanted to attend Burning Man and never thought it possible. The mystery of it and  drug-factor were in my panic zone. When let us know that she's was putting together a camp I was hooked. Now I'm going to attend Burning Man with her - moved into my stretch zone with the help of a friend.

I'm committed to fostering my creativity and am moving towards yet another of my goals.

Now to come up with my alter ego.